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Kate Middleton And Prince William In Australia Compared With Prince Charles And Princess Diana 31 Years Ago (PICTURES)

These pictures show how closely Prince William and Kate Middleton’s tour of Australia has followed the one Prince Charles and Princess Diana took 31 years ago.

The Prince of Wales and Diana toured Down Under in March 1983, 20 months after they got married. William was exactly the same age then - nine months - as George is now.

Charles and Diana took in the same sites, including Sydney Opera House and Uluru, and also some of the same activities, with many of the photos of the Kate and Wills’ trip looking like updates versions of the ones taken in 1983 - even the one of Princess Diana surrounded by athletes in swimming shorts.

Like Charles and Diana, Kate and Wills are early on in their marriage and have a young son. Prince Harry was born 18 months after the 1983 trip. It remains to be seen whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will match that by having a second child soon.

(Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk)




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